Saturday, November 5, 2016

2nd Place Award

My relocation to The Villages in Florida offers a variety of new art adventures. The Villages is home to what looks like several 100 artists from painters to sculptures, wood makers, fiber and many other media. It's really unbelieveable!

The artist group Villages Art League recently sponsored an exhibition "Inspired by the Masters". As the name indicates, artists research historical paintings created by any of the great master painters of the past and then use one as an inspiration to create their own.

I selected Edward Henry Potthast, an American Impressionist who was known for his beach scenes featuring people at leisure. Several weeks ago my wife and I had visited Daytona Beach and I snapped several photos of people walking the beach and kids playing in the sand. This is the reference photo I used for my inspiration.

I created an oil painting on 18x24 canvas. The piece was awarded 2nd place from the 32 entries.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Florida Heat and my first plein air work

Oh how life just passes us by. One minute I'm living and working away in Milwaukee, the next I'm announcing my retirement and moving to Florida. I'm free now to create. Free from day to day toiling in the office. Weeks have gone by as my wife and I have had to get "set up" in our new house in The Villages. Yeah. 55+ planned community in central Florida. So much to do and it's all fun!

I set up my studio in a 3rd bedroom. I found my easel and Easy L box and off I went to paint. First stop was so close to my house; a county park called Lake Okahumpa, Today was a typical blazing hot June day. Morning 9-11am was the time slot for this painting.

 The first marks. A loose turpy wipe down of paint.

 Setting a couple of darks and slight adjustment from initial sketch.

 Establishing shapes and wiping out strong light areas along with the cast shadows.

 The photos look washed out because I'm shooting with the phone looking into the light. Not a good excuse but it's the truth.

 Light has already moved since I started but I wanted you to see the subject matter. Better late than never.

The Spanish moss hanging from these trees is very unique. Used a smaller sable round to drag a loose bit of paint down off the branches. I think it works. 9x12 on canvas panel with oil.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Winter plein air. Closing out my time in Wisconsin

Just passing through this last winter in Wisconsin. It's off to Florida for the rest of my life with palm trees, alligators and lots of oceans to paint. But why not bang out a few quickies outside in the elements of winter.
 Set up at this creek

 9x12 oil on panel

 Set up next to a small lake 
about to freeze over

 9x12 oil on panel. Man it was cold!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Drive 2 hours. Paint 1 hour. Great old barn in oil

This fall I was driving around aimlessly looking for somewhere to paint. If I spent as much time painting plein air as I did looking for that so-called perfect spot, I'd be a much better artist! By chance, as I blasted down a highway at 60mph I glanced to the right to look up a weedy road. STOP...pull over and back up. Nothing posted as private so I drive in about 40 yards and here is this awesome abandoned bard/shed. The painting had to be looking inside the building with all the broken wood slats and light streaming through the roof. 

I didn't get a close up of the 8x10 oil painting, but it was fun to try and get those grays correct. I kept the palette to just a couple colors and tried to work fast. So after driving for an hour, I painted for an hour. The sun was going down and it was time to,,,drive another hour back home. Such is the life of this plein air artist.

Colectivo Coffee- Corporate Christmas Party raffle item

I was invited back this year to paint at the corporate Bostik Christmas Party. Held at the Calatrava/Milwaukee Art Museum, it was a great event. This painting was a raffle item, won by a woman who frequents this coffee shop, Colectivo, in the Fourth Ward of Milwaukee. Completed in acrylic on 40x30 gallery wrap canvas over 4 hour period. I was able to snap a couple of progress photos (bottom up).

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Milwaukee Yacht Club plein air

On a recent morning this summer I stopped down by the Milwaukee Yacht Club. It was 6am and I wanted to get a painting done before going to the office.  This 12x16 set up perfect right outside the main marina area. Their MYC boat with a small sailboat positioned just perfectly. I set up right next to these two and got to work. I liked it. Just need to find a MYC member to sell it to!

2nd Place & Artist Choice- New Berlin Plein Air Competition

Lucky me: The urban landscape of New Berlin, Wisconsin. About 50k people, lots of office and industrial parks, main artery freeway and a couple of winding roads and vanishing barns. But I went to one of my favorite places in NB, Calhoun Park. Three soccer fields, a baseball diamond and one pond. The pond with a bridge. I love it. Reeds, trees, scum, ducks. It's a painting waiting to happen. And the verdict is 2nd place PLUS the coveted Artist's Choice. Thanks people.

I went out of the box with my approach and got all impressionistic. Cape Cod school of art was my influence with 5 layers and heavy palette knife. Painted 9:30-11:30am on a sunny Saturday morning.