Saturday, December 29, 2018

Oil Painting demo- Sunset harbor by Michael Pintar

Friday, November 30, 2018

Oil Painting- seeing color as value

This post is for the hard core artists who might stumble across my blog. As you've seen I don't regularly post because....I don't have a good reason why not. I just don't. BUT, here is a link to YT videos that I did and discusses the concept of color and value. There are two parts. If you punish yourself and make it through part 1, please grab another cup of your favorite beverage and watch part 2.



Thursday, August 23, 2018

Wave Painting

I recently finished my "first" wave painting. I took reference photos from a vacation to Barbados and used one of them for this work. The challenge was to get realistic looking foam getting sucked back from the shoreline to this incoming breaker. Take a look at this video for start to finish how it was created.
Wave painting with oils

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Wekiva Paint Out Quick Paint

Continuing my plein air Florida adventures I had found out about this one in an article from Plein Air magazine. My plan was to just do the quick paint. Maybe next year I can investigate getting juried in. The quick paint is part of the last day of events during this paint out, capping the night with the "gala"; music, art and sales opportunities.

Wekiva Island is just outside the state park. I had never been there and it turned out to be one hopping party place. Lots of people much younger than me, families, dogs, and just a fun atmosphere. Oh yeah, there was a lot of art on exhibit and what turned out to be a dozen quick paint artists. While I was fairly happy with my piece (more than two weeks ago at Lighthouse), it didn't grab one of the top three awards. Here are a couple photos I took during the progress.

 The location alongside a creek with sun hitting some top water vegetation

 Block in. Turpy wash with darks

 ID the focal points and wipe out some excess paint

Framed at the car and ready to hand in for judging. Fair amount of palette knife in the highlights