Monday, November 23, 2009

Open Canvas 2009

Open Canvas was held this past Saturday. This was my third consecutive year. I'd say there were more people and reasonable bids placed on most artwork. This event is coordinated by Jeff Kursel, in conjunction with MIAD and Eisner Art Museum, with auction proceeds going to these two organizations.

I plotted and planned for weeks trying to decide what to do. When I got there I still didn't know what I'd end up with. So I finally decided to do the unreasonable: paint TWO pieces. So, starting at 4pm and finishing by 10, I cranked out two acrylics; one Milwaukee streetscape and the other, abstract. FUN and exhilerating! Plus I managed to "sell" both; one for $1000 and the other for $300. Based on what I saw for final bids, my combined pieces placed me in the top 5 artists. I'll take that and hope to be back next year. Thanks Jeff and everyone who came down!