Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winston Portrait- Phase 2, Step 4

Step 4: Verdaccio

So this is way out of my league, but worth a try. The Verdaccio technique is underpainting in green. While Ivory Black and yellow is an option (along with many other combinations) I went with Chrome Oxide Green, mixed with Ivory and Lead White. Lead White seems to dry faster than my usual Titanium. Below shows two verdaccio glazes and a first layer background in Burnt Umber.

Winston Portrait- Phase 2

Step 3: Continue lead white glazes, added initial eye color.

The process is slower than I am accustomed to. I'm using a galkyd medium, though I don't know what Gottlieb uses. Everything is shiny vs matte. I can push back the eye colors in a later glaze.

Winston Portrait- Phase 1 Redeux

ugh many things have been happening in my little art world, I've failed to make posts. If more was happening, I might be more inclined! Such is the struggle between making a living and making art.

I have been working on a portrait for a client. I've been at it more than a year. With no deadlines, I get real lazy. This photo below shows the painting about 75% complete: it was not approved...and I was sent back to the drawing board. The female has some work to be done, but I opted to start over, completely.

Winston- 75% complete

Version 2:

I was reading an article in Artist's Magazine about Adrian Gottlieb and his use of Flemish techniques that date back 400 years. I found it amazing and the results stunning, so what the heck. Using a combination of verdaccio and grisaille layers and glazes I started plugging away.

Step 1: The monochromatic drawing. Include value interpretation of faces.

Step 2: Initial glaze with Lead White. Focus on building shapes and volume, slowly.