Saturday, January 29, 2011

Karen and the pink sky painting

This morning was just another morning until I got a phone call while in the car. It was a woman who said she had previously purchased one of my paintings and had tracked me down to ask about another, one with a pink sky. She had seen the piece awhile back when I exhibited at Almont Gallery in Waukesha. Of course, the owner wasn't as helpful as I would want her to be but with perseverance, she tracked me down. Still not knowing exactly who this was, we agreed to meet later to discuss the painting in question: Did I still have it or was it sold?

Karen and Rob met with me at the Steaming Cup in Waukesha. Let's just say it was strange destiny as the three of us shared very similar views on art, life, politics and business. We chatted non-stop, at most times drifting away from talk of art. Two very interesting people, just a few years my senior, but very engaging.

I had photos of pieces I thought she was describing and in fact the work she was interested in was in fact back home in my studio. So off we went back to my place to take a closer look. Note: always pick up your dirty underwear in the event new guests may be coming to your house to look at your artwork! We looked at lots of pieces I have littered throughout my lower level/studio. Rob was interested in learning more about techniques. I offered the class I am about to start teaching next week. In the end, I'm going to prep the piece for a sale and deliver asap. What started as a "who is this?" phone call led to a interesting interaction with two very nice people (and another sale). Art has this way of bringing people together as they explore the spiritual journey of life.