My work crosses over several areas of interest but for the most part I develop works of art around landscape, portraiture and abstract. I've done a lot of landscapes. What is a landscape anyway? For me it's everything outside. I don't do many cityscapes, but buildings are a big part of our landscape, so I include them. I keep coming back to landscape painting because I love the outdoors. I love water. I'm a boater. I enjoy walks in the woods. I've always got a camera with me (now it's my phone), so I'm always taking photos. I think I've gotten better at composing my photos, always thinking about a painting that might be created. I've dabbled with colorist, impressionist, and abstract approaches to my landscapes. In 2011 I discovered Richard Schmid (finally), so some of my recent pieces have his influence. What a Master he is!


When it Snows- Oil
Nice Pad!- Oil
Long Winding Road- Oil

Fox River, Midsummer- Oil
Sundowner, Fish Creek- Oil

Ephraim Field, Oil
Peninsula State Park- Oil

A Path Less Traveled- Oil

Pebble Creek, First Snow- Oil
Check out YouTube Video showing complete  development