Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 26- Let's get started

Inspired by all the daily artists I stumbled upon, I have to start somewhere. I've had a lot of luck lately as an artist. I've been painting for 35 years. I've been an illustrator for 10. I've wished and dreamed of living strictly off the earnings of a career in art. Alas, I have a day job to go with my dream. I've accumulated dozens of paintings that sit in my home. I've sold dozens more, primarly commissioned portraits, and gave away just as many to friends and family. My current journey starts with this entry.

This painting was done during a local charity event called Open Canvas. It's an awesome opportunity for local artists, who come in by invitation only, and create an original piece in a 6 hour window. All this in front of the admiring public who bid on each piece as it progresses. It's exciting and rewarding. All the money is donated and used for scholarships to the local art college (MIAD). This piece, 36x40, Acrylic, was done based on a recent fall trip I took with my family to Rhinelander, Wisconsin. It was purchased for $800.
Shortly after that, all full of myself, I went to our local Art District (10 galleries) looking for a break. The second place I walked into loved my work and offered me exclusive placement in their new gallery, The Clinton Street Gallery. Wow! So I get busy, buy a LOT of frames, dust off a bunch of paintings in my basement, and hang. I'm in a gallery...and within 5 days I have a sale. So now I'm really cranked up and I'm in the middle of producing 4 more paintings since then.
I'm so impressed and jealous of the artists that produce "a painting a day". I have to work a day job to pay the bills, but I feel highly motivated lately. So, this will be my attempt to keep up and post info everyday as I struggle to find my spot in the art world. I've given away lots of art, and sold a bunch of portraits on commission. More of those to follow.