Thursday, February 10, 2011

Class is in session

This week I started my two new adult intro to oil painting classes. In my third year now doing it in Wauwatosa, and a new start in Waukesha. Of course, I left my sample work in Tosa. Hope no damage due to high schoolers wanting to claim them as their own!

I've decided to let students know they need to have some drawing skills if they want to have successful paintings. You'd think that's obvious, but many come in all starry eyed about learning to use oils....and then what? One of the hardest mediums to learn requires the basics being down. I believe what I was told: Good painting can't save bad drawing.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Path- 16x20 Oil

Hiked out to a local nature center a couple weeks back. Attempted to complete this plein air but the oil paint wasn't cooperating due to the cold. I scrapped the 8x10 I started on and worked from the photos I took while I stood there. Sun was getting low and cast some nice shadows across the path, with the only tracks being mine.