Friday, June 24, 2016

Florida Heat and my first plein air work

Oh how life just passes us by. One minute I'm living and working away in Milwaukee, the next I'm announcing my retirement and moving to Florida. I'm free now to create. Free from day to day toiling in the office. Weeks have gone by as my wife and I have had to get "set up" in our new house in The Villages. Yeah. 55+ planned community in central Florida. So much to do and it's all fun!

I set up my studio in a 3rd bedroom. I found my easel and Easy L box and off I went to paint. First stop was so close to my house; a county park called Lake Okahumpa, Today was a typical blazing hot June day. Morning 9-11am was the time slot for this painting.

 The first marks. A loose turpy wipe down of paint.

 Setting a couple of darks and slight adjustment from initial sketch.

 Establishing shapes and wiping out strong light areas along with the cast shadows.

 The photos look washed out because I'm shooting with the phone looking into the light. Not a good excuse but it's the truth.

 Light has already moved since I started but I wanted you to see the subject matter. Better late than never.

The Spanish moss hanging from these trees is very unique. Used a smaller sable round to drag a loose bit of paint down off the branches. I think it works. 9x12 on canvas panel with oil.