Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday...TO ME!

Today was a great day, even if I'm a year older. Cholesterol levels are high and I have to cut back on my turtle sundae consumption. Shit, that stinks.

I'm enrolled in a social media bootcamp for the entire month of September and it's taking up a couple hours a day. All good stuff though! I'm also doing more research for Art House Reveal, my new website adventure for artists. Hoping to get this live sometime this month. It's really been a rough road with the developers I've hired to build it. One delay after another.

It has allowed me to really think through the value proposition and refine my vision for what I want it to be; which is a community building tool for any artist. Hoping to have many tools on the site to help artists and at the same time offer education ports for non-artists to learn more about these artists and what makes them tick.