Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is it really 2015 already?

So blogging on a regular basis is not my thing. Who says you have to do it? Well, I guess if you want to get a lot of followers, and be a real artist, and gain momentum, and drive traffic to your website...then you blog. More than once every month or two. I ain't no regular blogger.

I have a day job; I'm a sr project manager at a software company. I work 45-50 hours every week slugging it out on left brain crap like trying to get shitty software implemented for customers all over the country.
This is the art I create for real money- my day job as a BA/PM
And then there's my art. It's been a slow start to 2015. I have "artists block". I can't seem to get motivated. I did paint live at a corporate Christmas party in December. Painted in acrylic over 3 hours I managed to grab a couple of in progress shots. Other than forgetting most of my paints and grateful my wife fought downtown Milwaukee traffic to bring them to the rescue, it was more fun than painting success.

I'll rehash this one from last spring. Sitting on the beach in Huatulco, MX, the water was crashing over these rocks as I banged out a quick pastel en plein air. Water changes so fast...the rocks were pretty much covered by the time I was finishing this piece. Kinda like it.

So, off we go to 2015. I've actually just finished a 30x40 abstract, I just have to get the photos up and visible. I forced myself to paint. Is that good? I don't know. I just felt I had to do something, one thing per month. At a minimum. Real artists paint every day. Real bloggers blog every day. So where does that leave me?