Sunday, September 27, 2015

Milwaukee Yacht Club plein air

On a recent morning this summer I stopped down by the Milwaukee Yacht Club. It was 6am and I wanted to get a painting done before going to the office.  This 12x16 set up perfect right outside the main marina area. Their MYC boat with a small sailboat positioned just perfectly. I set up right next to these two and got to work. I liked it. Just need to find a MYC member to sell it to!

2nd Place & Artist Choice- New Berlin Plein Air Competition

Lucky me: The urban landscape of New Berlin, Wisconsin. About 50k people, lots of office and industrial parks, main artery freeway and a couple of winding roads and vanishing barns. But I went to one of my favorite places in NB, Calhoun Park. Three soccer fields, a baseball diamond and one pond. The pond with a bridge. I love it. Reeds, trees, scum, ducks. It's a painting waiting to happen. And the verdict is 2nd place PLUS the coveted Artist's Choice. Thanks people.

I went out of the box with my approach and got all impressionistic. Cape Cod school of art was my influence with 5 layers and heavy palette knife. Painted 9:30-11:30am on a sunny Saturday morning.